Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Patching Article

I was fortunate enough to have another contribution accepted by N Scale Railroading Magazine (my 3rd). In the Nov./Dec. 2013 I have an article on the making of an SCXY "patched" hopper. It's a great issue overall with plenty of cool articles, check it out!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Skallyline Monday

On Monday, my friend Ken and I made a run up to Duluth and back. We made it back to Hinckley in time to watch the BNSF Hinckley Local interchange with the SCXY. The Local had left the cars for the SCXY north of the Skally siding switch. Here is today's power pulling south onto the siding with the train bound for Rush City.
As usual it was a nice mix of cars, empty flour hoppers, empty 2 bay sand hoppers and loaded wheat cars bound for the Horizon Mill. I shot pics of some of the flour cars. I may try to build some of these later this year in N Scale.
The BNSF was picking up a cut of cars that the Skally Crew had brought up to Hinckley last Thursday. Power for the Hinckley Local today was PRLX GP38-2's 717, 706 and 709. These ex-Iowa Interstate units are on lease to the BNSF right now. They do make a good looking lash-up. After airing up, the HIN Local pushes North, back onto the BNSF main.
Ken and I chased the Local South back to Rush City. Here, engineer Travis eases the SCXY 1363 and ILSX 1345 across the Snake River bridge in Pine City.
I love these GP's. After getting back to Rush City, the crew grabbed a cut of freshly cleaned out flour cars and moved them to the siding before tying down for the day.