Sunday, April 22, 2012

ILSX 1345

ILSX GP10 1418 had been on lease to the TCWR when its prime mover failed. It was dragged back to the ILS Bethel Shops where it was repaired and primed to go back into service. Recently it was moved to the SCXY to help with the additional carloads that will be generated by Tiller Sand in North Branch. But behold: ILSX 1418 never made it to the Skally. While in for the rebuild, the shops renumbered the 1418 into the ILSX 1300 series and it emerged as ILSX 1345.Here it is moving a lone sand hopper down the line.
 I did a quick repaint and renumber on this unit to keep up with reality. While I had it in the shop (on the workbench) I did one other quick upgrade. I replaced the oversized couplers with some MT Z Scale couplers. I think they look a lot better and they still work with the rest of my N Scale couplers. I hope to take more of my fleet this direction in the future.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I was planning an April Fools Post for today, but I got something done yesterday so I thought I would share that instead. I that I should finish the new St.Croix Valley Railroad Corporate Headquarters. I did take a little modelers license on the building and I still need to add a couple of details (foundation and AC unit) but it it good enough to go to Rush City now.