Sunday, August 31, 2014


These are two of a four engine set I am building for an N Scaler up north. I am actually heading back to work on them as soon as I finish writing this post. I took today (I'm writing this on Friday) off to get a bunch done on these. I will have to run to pick up a temporary compressor to finish painting parts and the other two shells as I can't wire my big compressor in at my current location. I'll get better shots once I get the next round of decals on.
These are cool engines. The toughest part of this project was getting off the GN Big Sky Blue. That stuff does not dissolve easily.

Friday, August 29, 2014

I'm not fast, but I am Swift

Only two more weeks and I make the final part of my move into my house in Las Vegas. Most of my projects are in a holding pattern because they are in boxes or certain parts are hiding on me. I did manage to get some things onto the workbench. My priority project right now is some Southern high hood SD45s. I'll get some pics of those up later this weekend. While everything else was buried, I pulled a quick project out and modified a new Con-Cor Swift intermodal container to fit on a Kato trailer. I had already used the Deluxe Innovations decals on the Volvo tractor. It still needs some more details, but this will provide some nice traffic in Rush City.
I'll add more decals to the trailer later as I find them. A small project, but progress none the less. I think it makes for a nice set.