Saturday, March 26, 2016

March Madness

I've only had a couple of days off this month, so progress has been slow. After working a crazy stretch, I'm finally turning my eyes back to the modeling.

I made some progress on the new corner, in fact it is wired and in place. I haven't contoured the foam yet as I don't know what I want it to look like. It may end up being some very simple farm fields. Maybe wheat or some good old pasture land.
 Over in Rush City I am working on adding the blacktop. After I get these glued down, sidewalks will come next.
I also made some progress on some engines. I have a couple of SD50s and and SD45 I'm working on. Molded details are off, time to start putting the new ones on. The SD45 cab is going to get replaced with a Shapeways one that Reese Martin designed. It has the correct 4 side windows for an NP unit.

The SD50s will be getting LokSound Decoders. I had to chop the frame a fair amount, but I got the first one in and tested. It sounds really nice. They aren't loud, but the sound quality is very good. I need to get a couple capacitors wired in and also the 0402 LEDs.
Maybe this week I can get some more done. Next week I hope to get some more pics of the real Skally. Let's hope for a nice sunny week!