Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rush City Redo Part 7

I wish I had some super great photograph to share this week, but I don't. Most of the progress has been under the benchwork. The track wiring is done, and the frogs have all been wired to the Tortoises. I had one mysterious dead spot that I quickly ran another feeder to. Thankfully I used my multimeter to check everything as I progressed. I had accidentally gotten a couple of my feeders backwards and the testing let me realize the error before they were attached to the bus wires. I put in the first two stationary decoders and have two more to install. Main line ballast is done on the south half and I'm hoping to have the north half ballasted this week.
As an afternoon update, I ran MNNR 1978 from one end of the Rush City main to the other, no shorts, only dirty track to overcome. I have some work ahead of me but the end is in sight. I also got the third stationary decoder in place for the Tortoises. I just need to pick up one more DS52 so I can get power to every turnout. Once I have all the decoders installed I will program them all.