Saturday, December 31, 2011

CN 2131

For my last post of 2011 I wanted to show you CN 2131. This C40-8 was forced over to the Skally when track work on the CN caused some over sized delays. This ex-CNW unit chugged hard as she moved onto the line in Carlton. Normally we would have added one of our own units to the train to make sure they had a proper HP to tonnage ratio, but we wanted to see how the old CN unit would do. With not a horsepower to spare she made it off the line in St. Paul under her own power.This unit was an Atlas. They come with a nice amount of separately applied details, so I upgraded the Sinclair Antenna to a Miniatures by Eric piece, I added BLMA grab irons and replaced the oversized Atlas cab shades with BLMA units. One mirror is BLMA and the other is Trainworx. The cut levers, bell and speed recorder are Atlas pieces. The paint is Steam Power Black and SP Scarlett. The decals were Microscale. The rear numberboards were the narrowest I have ever done.With only 5 engines to go in my personal challenge I feel a little like Forrest Gump after running back and forth across the country. "I'm tired, I think I'll go home now." Getting these engines done has been satisfying, but tiring. Before I attack the final 5 I'm going to take a break and work on some rolling stock and layout projects. On that note, good luck in all your endeavors and may 2012 be a great year for you all!

ILSX 1384

It seems Dec 31st is a good rail fanning day on the Skally. Another new arrival is pulling loads across the line today. ILSX SD9 1384 had been mated to ILSX SD9 1374. Hopefully we see another SD9 on the line withing the month to fill out our horsepower needs.ILSX 1384 is an Atlas SD9 I chopped the nose on, adding an SD26 cab. Up top it got a Miniatures by Eric Winter Hatch. I decided to try some new parts on this engine. I used Trainworx Lift Rings (they have the proper SD9 side lift rings), wipers, mirror, cut levers and MU hoses. I used a few BLMA grab irons to match the prototype. The All Weather Window is a Gold Medal Model piece. The paint was Mineral Red with PRR Buff for the yellow. The decals were from Solidesign and I installed a Digitrax DN163A0 decoder. I still need to add the safety striping on the frame sills, but I'm marking this one up as done (for now).

ILSX 201

I caught 2 of the three "Blue Brothers" running a mixed freight down the Skally. ILSX SD40-2 201 was leading the way for the first time so I thought I would grab a couple pics. This is another EX-SLRG (ex-SP) unit. The Mars light was removed from the cab before ILSX took possession. I bet that would have gotten the deer jumping!This is a Kato Mid-Production SD40-2 I added Sunrise SP Lights to front and rear, I gave it BLMA cut levers, grab irons, lift rings and fans (I love see through fans). I painted the body Conrail Blue to match ILSX 1344 and 203. The trucks got a shot of silver and the rest was Engine Black. I equipped this one with a DN163K1C decoder to get the full brightness from the lights. A light weathering was done with chalks.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Dynamic Duo

The UP was utilizing its trackage rights over the Skally to run an southbound manifest to Hoffman Yard in St.Paul. What made this one interesting was the power lash-up. The UP had some NS power on the point. A pair of high hood SD40-2s were running long hood forward down the line.NS 3210 is an ex-SOU unit. I built this using a Mark 4 Design hood, MbE Sinclair antennas and bell, BLMA horns, lift rings, cut levers, mu hoses and grab irons. You'll notice the bell is on the long hood as this was forward on this unit. This SD40-2 has the earlier NS logos on the long hood.NS 1634 is an ex NW unit. This unit has already been updated into the newer "Horsehead" NS logo. This unit also uses a M4D short hood (he uses a 3D printer and prints the bell right with the nose). BLMA air horns, cut levers, mu hoses, lift rings, grab irons, cab shades and a MbE Sinclair round out the details on this unit.These units will be heading off to auction soon and hopefully be off to a good home right after new years. With these two done, I have 8 engines left to finish in my personal challenge!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rush City Redo part 4

Progress on the line has been slow. My engine building has kept me from getting too much done. I decided to make some strides this weekend in the track laying department. Here is the view from Federated Co-op toward W 4th St. then the Horizon Mill. The front of the mill is at the joint in the modules (so the building would coer part of the seam). Track is now laid through this half of the scene. I also started work on the new SCXY Corp. HQ (not pictured). Here you can see the layout of the track in Rush City. W 4th St. will cross the tracks to the left. I plan on making the crossing signals work. On the right from top to bottom are:
1) Passing siding
2) Main Line
3) Wheat unloading track
4) Flour Load Out track
5) Flour Load Out track Here is a closer look at the Mill trackage. One I get the rails flush with the end of the module I will start laying the track on the Northern module.

AVCT RR Caboose

I was driving to a friends house for an Ops Session and I happened upon this caboose. Now I don't normally think to much about the cabooses I see around, but this one was different. This is a Bay Window/Cupola Caboose Lettered for AVC&T Railroad with North Shore Mining written on the side as well. The couplers are gone so I don't think it's doing any traveling anytime soon, but I thought I would share.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

IAIS 602

Iowa Interstate 602 ran light across the Skally this week. I did catch it on a return trip pulling a small manifest. This ex-MP GP38 sure has put on a lot of miles since it was built in October of 1966.This unit got the full detail experience. I used BLMA lift rings, fans and grills, grad irons, cut levers, wipers, fan grab iron, mu lines, an Atlas MU cable, strobe light and a MbE Sinclair antenna. The paint are Pollyscale Engine Black and TTX yellow and the decals were Microscale. With this engine done that leaves me 10 to go by the end of January in my personal challenge.