Monday, December 24, 2018

Random projects

I have been all over the place on projects lately. I've made layout progress, as well as freight car =, and automotive
I finished the first of 5 HD flat cars. This one is QTTX 130725. I photographed the prototype on the Skally in December of 2012. This is an N Scale Kit. The load I scratch built. 

BNSF 651553 is a FVM model I weathered and added a Hays Brothers coal load too. This car will represent the occasional bad order the BNSF kicks onto the Skally.
I finally got CN 5421 finished. This SD50F was a Kaslo kit I have had half done for too long. 
Duke's suburban was a resin kit I picked up. It will be seen around the layout railfanning. 
The SCXY Section truck is a heavily modified showcase miniatures truck I built, decaled, and painted.
I also finished Corp. Auto in Hinckley. I still need to get more cars for the lot, and plant some trees. But it is mostly there.
The only thing I haven't been keeping up on has been this blog! I need to be more diligent about that. See you in 2019!