Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ILSX SD40-3 1340

Another beautiful engine has been assigned to the Skally Line. ILSX SD40-3 1340 has been paired up with sister ILSX 1341 for hauling loaded sand trains to the BNSF interchange in Hinckley. Tiller Corp. in North Branch is loading out covered hopper loads of sand headed for a North Dakota fracking operation. New power is always a welcome sight on the line.

This engine started out as a Kato Mid-Production SD40-2. The snow shields, air horn, bell and light housings are MbE. The wipers, cut levers, cab shades, mu hoses and air lines are BLMA. The fans, and lift rings are Trainworx. The Sinclair is by Sandro. The paint is Milwaukee Road Grey and Engine Black. The decals are Microscale.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tiller Corp.

The new sand loading facility in North Branch appears ready to start loading railcars. The tallest structure on the property is around 7 stories tall. It will take an amazing volume of sand to keep things moving here. I look forward to the action starting. The first cars should have arrived by the time this post airs, wo be loaded out for Oasis Well Service a North Dakota company.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rush City Memorial Day

 As I drove to spend Memorial Day with a Veteran of the Korean War, I decided to swing through Rush City and check on the current motive power. SCXY 1363 and 1352 were lashed together, enjoying the day off, while the newest arrival to the line sat nearby, waiting to jump into service. ILSX GP10 1345 (ex-BN 1418) has been brought to the line to help with the expected traffic generated by Tiller Corp, a large new sand loadout facility in North Branch.
I can only hope the 1345 stays on the line for a while. If they need help painting it in Skally colors, I'll definitely volunteer to help!

Friday, June 1, 2012

ILSX 904

The weekend before Memorial weekend I had a couple hours to go rail fanning. I took my youngest daughter and we had an amazing 2 hours. Her favorite parts was getting waved to and honked at by the friendly engineer of a candy apple red SOO SD60. I shot close to 200 pictures, seeing more than 20 trains with CP (and subsidiaries SOO and DME), UP and BNSF motive power. Besides catching a half dozen different SD40-2s, my prized catch of the day was a simple SW1. ILSX 904 has been working the Malt One Elevator in Minneapolis for as long I can remember. I do believe it was the first ILS engine I ever saw, and I got my best shots of it on this day. The overcast conditions weren't ideal, but it worked, and I am happy about it.