Thursday, November 17, 2011

ILSX 1341

The need for more power on the Skally keeps going up. We brought ILSX 1341 over from its elevator duty in Ulen, MN via the ILS shops in Holt MN, where they added a winter hatch to make this the ultimate snow machine on the Skally. This engine is a showcase of a lot of MbE parts. I used an MbE bell, snow shields, winter hatch, airhorn, front and rear headlights, BLMA lift rings, fans, cab shades, grab irons, cut levers, mu hoses, airhose, a Sandro Sinclair antenna and an Atlas plow.I'll try to get better pics later this week, but the shadows grow long on the frozen tundra...

CP 5485

I love the Skally Line, the motive power that comes through can be awesome some days. Today I happened to catch the run through of CP 5485. This ex-NS high hood SD40-2 is truly one of the best looking engines I have seen in a while. The sun was out today so I took some better shots.
I used a Kato SD40-2, added a M4D tall short hood, GMM lift rings, BLMA horns, wipers, cut levers, plows and mu hoses. This one turned out so nice I'm almost temped to keep it.