Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hinckley Part 3

More progress, and BAMM! I'm stuck. Let me explain, I got the BNSF main line through Hinckley laid, 3 #10 LH turnouts. This shot is looking "North" on the BNSF side. The first switch is for the boneyard by the Hinckley depot and Lakes Gas, I'll model those someday later. It will get code 40 when I lay the curve, just for good looks. The second switch is the NSS Hinckley, the third is the switch to go south on the Skally Line.
The Skally turns through the swamp (static grass is down. This is a 36" radius corner. I got all the track I had laid painted up and even got some ballast down.
I put a couple engines and a car on the curve to give it a little scale. In the background you can see the old NP main.
Here is where I ran dry. The North End Skally interchange switch. I cannot find a #10 right hand switch to save my life right now and Atlas doesn't have any due for months. I don't feel like investing in a track making jig for one switch. Do I spend the time and build one freehand from scratch or hunt on for a pre-made switch. I have a couple weeks to mull it over. I'm open to suggestions...


  1. Use NSCALE Yard Sale Yahoo group. It works the best. Just shoot the group a post asking for what you are looking for and then folks will come to you.

  2. Thanks Will, I totally forgot about that! I have a line on one switch right now, if that falls through, off the the N Scale Yard Sale I go!

  3. Discount Model Trains in Addison, TX. (972) 931-8135
    I am told has #10 still in stock.

  4. Thanks Dwayne, one of my FreemoN club friends is hooking me up with one he is replacing with a #12 (that's a long turnout). I may order it up to have on hand.