Thursday, September 12, 2013

CN Jordan Spreader

The Skally carshops must have some contract work going on. ILSX 1337 was seen doing test runs with the newly refurbished CN Type J Jordan Spreader. We had better get this one back to CN pretty quick as crews are starting to talk about why we don't have one like this on the Skally Line. It sure would make snow removal and ballast spreading a lot easier.
Little do the crews know the Skally will be getting a Type A Jordan Spreader later this year. I'll keep that under my hat until it is a little closer to arriving.
This Jordan Spreader is a Train Collection 2000 kit I got from Hobby Craft Canada up in Quebec. It was a great starting point. The kit comes with a solid cab, so I cut it out and added windows, so you could see the plow operator. I modified the front so I could fit a Z Scale Micro-trains coupler. Instead of using the supplied resin handrails, I modified some gold medal brass to work. I also made the brake wheel stand using a Micro-Trains brake wheel. The wipers are BLMA and the wheels are FVM. This is not an exact model of any CN Spreader, just a cool representation.

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