Friday, September 6, 2013

Epic Adventure Pt. 7

We headed to the large Cargill Elevator in Breckenridge It is right next to the RRVW yard and seemed to be a busy place. ILSX GP39-2 #1389 and RRVW GP38-2 #2628 were working cuts of cars the yard.
Next door at the elevator RRVW SW1200RS #1276 was getting ready to pull a cut of cars through the loadout. The engineer eased the throttle up to where we were photographing from. He opened the window and asked if I wanted to ride with!
HK gets credit for photographing the moment. The engineer thought we were with a group from corporate who had come out to tour the facility. I rode through until the first car was spotted for loading. Luckily HK found me as I was now 1/2 mile from where we had parked. This really tipped the day to epic!
Here are the elevator switchers. They are owned by the elevator, but leased to RRVW when they are not in use (at least that's what the engineer told me). The second unit is RRVW SW1200RS #1213.
Heading south from town we caught another earthworm, this one let by BNSF Dash 9 #5447. It was kicking up pheasants as it cruised the countryside at track speed.
By the time we hit Norcross, MN we were catching grain trains 2 at a time. Here BNSF AC44CW #5707 overtakes BNSF ES44C4 #6688 which was sitting idle on the siding. This isn't quite the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from here.

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