Saturday, January 8, 2011

SCXY Gondola

I've also decided to make a move on rolling stock. I had a W&S gondola that I wasn't happy with in my collection and the day I decided what to do with it was the day I noticed a gondola added to the SCXY rolling stock roster. I added BLMA grab irons, a mineral red paint job, Fox Valley 33" metal wheels and various Microscale decals. And for the rivet counters I know I'm off a couple of panels. The weathering was done with ground taconite pellets (really, it was).Here is a Matt Petersen photo for reference.

MILW 158

I decided to take a break from my SCXY/ILSX locomotives to focus on a quick project. I wanted to practice my two tone painting so I decided to do a Milwaukee Road SD40-2. I loaded it up with detail parts from BLMA and Altas. It has the MRC-1806 sound decoder in it and it runs great. My favorite details were the cheapest. I removed the drop steps and added .015 wire to replace the walkway chains for a more MILW look and I added an Atlas bell behind the cab. I could still shorten the fuel tank and add an all weather window to the engineers side, but I'm not happy with the commercially available options. The decals were Microscale.Here is a 1981 C.W. Lahickey photo for reference.