Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The November Break

In November I have to start making sure I take days off, before New Years hits. I took advantage of the time to make some Skally progress.
I've been working one end of the line to the other... in Rush City I added the roof to the engine house. I need to add some details and then paint it up. I also weathered all the new flour cars, so they don't look so... new.
 I added some sidewalks to 4th St. Now I need to fill in the park and add an artillery piece.
I forgot to mention I also started the electrical substation that sits just North of the Ardent Mill.
 I added the newest customer on the line, Interstate Energy. The LPG cars are already off-loading.
 I scratch built the unloading racks. I'll go back an spruce the scene up later, but it works for now.
 I finally made it back to the Rock Creek bridge. Sorry for the bad exposure on the shot. I hope to get some track permanently set soon on this one.
Tiller, or should I say "Titan-Lansing" now has started to materialize. I mocked up the sand sorting and cleaning tower (to scale) out of foamcore and I built the loadout shed (out of styrene). The construction trailer is there to remind me to finish the scene...
Lots of progress, but nothing done, so it goes.