Thursday, January 24, 2019

Winter Progress

Progress is always good. I've been working on a series of HD flat cars, and wile doing that I decided to finish off some other fun projects. 

The first was a Reefer Kit I got at the Chicagoland RPM. This was a great event filled with like minded modelers. I'm planning on using this car in some vintage Skally Line photo shoots. I just need to build a corresponding NP W-3 and caboose.
I also wanted to build a BNSF Scale Test Car. This was a 3D print I had to detail out and build a frame for.
With the scale test car done, I decided I needed to finish the scale at Ardent Mill in Rush City. I poured concrete in the North ends of Track 4 (right track in the photo), 5 (center), and 6 (left side and home of the Mills scale). It felt good to finally finish that up. I do need to add the concrete pad for the car puller on track 4, as well as detail the interior of the building. I have plenty of time to get that done.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Lots of Writing Work

I'm on a bit of a writing streak. I've had a few big articles hit the pages of N Scale Railroading magazine.

You may have seen my Schnabel car on the cover of the Nov/Dec issue of NSR. This monster build was my third cover, but it was only Part 1 of the Schnabel build.

The Jan/Feb issue brought Part 2 of the build, as well as an article I did on building a little scenic truck. This was the first time I've had two articles printed in the same issue, and it brings me to 18 articles printed so far. I have more articles in queue and will have more done as soon as I get a little more layout progress done. I'll post some updates as soon as I get the work done.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Random projects

I have been all over the place on projects lately. I've made layout progress, as well as freight car =, and automotive
I finished the first of 5 HD flat cars. This one is QTTX 130725. I photographed the prototype on the Skally in December of 2012. This is an N Scale Kit. The load I scratch built. 

BNSF 651553 is a FVM model I weathered and added a Hays Brothers coal load too. This car will represent the occasional bad order the BNSF kicks onto the Skally.
I finally got CN 5421 finished. This SD50F was a Kaslo kit I have had half done for too long. 
Duke's suburban was a resin kit I picked up. It will be seen around the layout railfanning. 
The SCXY Section truck is a heavily modified showcase miniatures truck I built, decaled, and painted.
I also finished Corp. Auto in Hinckley. I still need to get more cars for the lot, and plant some trees. But it is mostly there.
The only thing I haven't been keeping up on has been this blog! I need to be more diligent about that. See you in 2019!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Summer Progress and Planning

As I make my way through the summer heat here in Vegas, I have been plinking away at different projects. I have a few more articles off to N Scale Railroading, they should be in the next few issues. I've been working on some freight cars for a friend (pics are coming soon), I've added few small details to the layout, and I'm planning for a year away.

As many of you know, the NMRA convention was this last weekend in Kansas City. I didn't make that show, but I am planning on being at next years show in Salt Lake City. The plan is to bring the entire Skally Line up to join in the MASSIVE FreemoN layout. I think the layout is already scheduled to be about 110 feet by 110 feet. To make the full scale ops work better, I am planning a few additional modules. I have already started prep work and I will pick up lumber next week.

The first module planned is Pine City. I will have the Depot, the Snake River Bridge, and a small MOW siding.
The next module is the South Siding Switch in Hinckley. This will extend the BNSF side of my interchange modules. I would like to get the BNSF siding up to 10 or 12 feet long for the show so it will be a good spot for meets.
The weather is cooling off already and I would like to take advantage of that for module construction. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

June Update

Wow, time is accelerating. I had some nice time to make progress on some projects over the last couple of weeks. I was able to finish up a few things I've been working on. I finished ILSX SW1500 #942. It is currently in testing on the Skally. It was a full detail, repaint, and weathering. I had to modify an SP unit by filling 2/3 of the lights and filling in extra windows.
The next thing to finish off was the second of my Jordan Spreaders. I decided to make this one a MILW unit. I didn't rust it as bad as the prototype I based it off of, but it gets the point across.
I'm also making progress on my Schnabel project. The car is done, the load is mostly done, I just need to get it weathered and bolted to the car.

Here are some of the projects hanging out together. I have a few cars to finish for a friend and then I will turn my attention back to the layout.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

I'm still here!

Ok, that was a long gap in updating the blog. It wasn't that I wasn't making progress, it was that it was tough to stop and make a post about it.
Here are some highlights:
I've had a couple of ops sessions. Things have been working well, I've been tuning turnouts for better performance.
I've been working on misc. projects. Here is one Jordan Spreader I just built. I have one more to knock out. 
Details. I made this trailer from a Showcase Miniatures kit. You can also see one of the ILS SW1500s I've been working on (924). ILSX 942 is on the workbench now.
I made progress on several scenes on the layout. Tiller and Zinpro have progressed the most. I will get back to them later this summer.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

November Update

This has been a busy month. I finally finished some engines for a friend in Chicago and got them off my workbench. I had an MRC Sound decoder fail in SCXY 1325, so I swapped an ESU LokSound Micro in its place (huge improvement). I am having fun making layout progress right now, so that has been a big focus of the month.

I made some more progress on Ivy Farms Trucking. I added the shingled roof to the main building. I also repainted the pole barn and got it weathered.
I got the Creekside Cafe almost done. The outside is painted, roof is on, and signage was added for the cafe and the Other Side Bar.
Inside I added tables, chairs, bar stools and a pool table.
 I got a Willy's to park outside the Corp. HQ. That was fun to paint.
More trees planted in Hinckley.
I completed a sideboom crawler I've had on the bench for years.
I added some powerlines in Rush City. there will be more of them coming soon.
 I added the camera pole for the Mill. The solar panel is a decal.
And I ran trains. This run helped me find a troublesome spot in my 5/6 switch. A quick shim on the throwbar in it was back in service.
Hopefully December is as fruitful as November was!