Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2 Down, A Bunch To Go...

Two locomotives have made their way from the workbench to the completed file. I times it out so I could paint them at the same time. The first was Clichfield 919. This was a fairly easy build that took some basic details and an odd conversion to get the fuel tank right (the shell sits on the frame backwards).
Next out was BNSF GP50 #3158. This was a labor intensive build that I am glad to be on the back end of. It was fun, but now it is time for something else. I have a whole slew of BNSF engines I am going to try to get done this month. I'll keep you posted as progress happens!

Back To Back!

I'll try to get some more updates going about the layout and loco builds pretty quick. I'm just a little short on available time right now (only 4 days off in October).

If getting published in the last N Scale Railroading wasn't enough, my next article got published in the Nov/Dec 2015 issue. So if you are interested in the full MILW GP20 build, pick the issue up.