Sunday, September 8, 2013

Epic Adventure Pt. 8

I figure I should keep going while I'm on a roll with this trip. Closing in on the end of the second day we came to the little town of Herman, MN, there we came across a nice set of elevator critters. NREX SD40-2s 7931 and 7211 were waiting quietly to start another round of loading unit grain trains. These would be the last trains we would shoot today, as the sun set on us. We did see one more BNSF freight heading through Holloway, MN. ILSX 3109 had been on my list to photograph there, but it was bedded down for the night at the elevator. I guess I'll get it next time.
With the sun set for the evening we crashed for the night in Appleton, MN. After 14 hours of photographing, the adventure would continue on Day 3.
Morning came quick. We barely got moving from the hotel when we bumped into an ex-RRVW CF7 in Madison, MN. Don't expect to find much in the way of coffee there. The gas station has a pot they put on, but you need to beat the farmers to it.
While the sun had remained hidden behind clouds for most of two days it did show itself while we were in Clarkfield, MN. It came out just in time to illuminate this ex-PRR GP10.
Down the road in Marshall, MN, at the big ADM plant, one gen-set was switching in the yard while ADMX 1401 was refueling.
Not seeing much for trains today we rolled into Tracy, MN we found this freshly cleaned up DME Jordan Spreader. The glad handles were still shining on it!
At this point we had put down so many miles I think HK and I were both a little overloaded. My camera was having trouble with the color white, which would be a minor problem, especially for some of the engines we saw on the last leg of the trip. We turned the corner and were pointed home.

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