Monday, July 30, 2012

Progress Report

In between chores this weekend I did manage to make a little progress on three of my engines.
The modified SD9 was my test platform for soldering handrails. I added a new conductors side step in front of the cab and I also installed the lift rings. This one may sit a bit as I wait for a Miniatures by Eric three chime airhorn and MLE all weather windows to show up in the mailbox. I included I shot I took of the prototype for reference.
SCXY 1352 received a new handrail as well. Soldering the brass isn't to bad once you get a couple practice runs out of the way. This GP8 only had one battery box removed from the conductors side. I still need to add a step back in for my N Scale crews.
I stole the frame I had started for SCXY 1363 to finish ILSX 1345. So I am starting all over for the GP9. This worked out well as I had missed a couple things the first go around. The smaller item was an engineers side grab iron, the larger item was the very unique electrical cabinet behind the cab. The cabinet location also cued me into an added louver. In this photo they stick out pretty well as they aren't painted yet. I made the cabinet out of styrene and the louver is from a GMM GP7 detail set. I will chop the front battery box off and add handrails to this frame later this week.

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