Sunday, July 22, 2012

CRR 10061

The Skally Line Car Shops just finished another order for the Clinchfield Blue Ridge Subdivision. CRR 10061 is a custom tie gondola. I'm not sure exactly how it is used, but the shops did a great job matching the photos they were working off of.
ILSX 1344 was used for a special photo run before the car headed off to the BNSF interchange.  
 This car is a real mix of parts. The frame was from a vintage 40' gondola. The ends were from an Atlas boxcar, chopped and flipped to get the rib spacing correct. The side sills, C channel sides and car top are all custom styrene and the tube sides are brass wire. The grab irons, stirrups and air hoses are BLMA. The brake wheel is a Miniatures by Eric piece on a custom built wheel stand. The brake wheel platform is BLMA tread plate bent over brass wire. The trucks are older Kadee, but they were correct for this build. The couplers are body mounted Z Scale Micro-Trains. They look better and still work with the N Scale knuckle couplers. The paint is Polly Scale Engine Black and the decals (if ever so few) are Micro Scale. The wheels are FVM painted Polly Scale Roof Brown.

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