Sunday, July 22, 2012

So many projects...

I have been re-evaluating by current project lineup. I am prioritizing 5 engines and setting myself a deadline (we'll see what day I pick to get these done).
ILSX (NREX) 6158 is a Spartan cab SD9. The prototype for this engine is in Hills, MN. I'd love to see it on the Skally Line, so that build has begun. It will be in H1 paint when I finish.
 ILSX 1338 is the second H1 engine I'll be doing this go around. It is an ex-CN SD40 so it will also have a set of those sweet MbE intake snow shields. I've already gotten the brake wheel in the proper position, a different cab on the engine and Trainworx radiator screens installed. The grab irons are BLMA.
 ILSX (LTEX) 213 is an ex-DMIR SD38-2 that would really help on some Skally unit grain trains. There will be a scheduled grain train called "The Main Streeter" and I'd like this 38 in the consist.
SCXY 1352 is way behind schedule. I need to build 1 handrail (the side not pictured) and repaint the yellow to something brighter. The decals are made, I just need to get it done.
 SCXY 1363 is in the same boat as 1352. I need to chop the front battery boxes off, build handrails, fix the pilots and so on. I also need to add the funky electrical cabinet on the conductors side and because I waited so long I need to repaint the airhorn silver. So much to do and so little summer left...

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