Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two Harbors

Recently I attended the Missabe Convention in Virginia, MN. On the return trip, my traveling companions and myself took a little side trip to Two Harbors, MN to get some pics of the ore docks. My friend Brian commandeered a boat to get us onto the big pond to shoot photos of these massive structures for an upcoming modelling project. I took 250 pictures in 30 minutes. Here is a brief overview:

The South Dock us no longer used, but you can see the huge ore storage piles in the background.
 Dock 2 houses the large conveyor fed loaders to load the big boats as quickly as possible. To give perspective the tires at the base are over four feet in diameter each.
 Dock 1 is the best known by tourists, with a DMIR Yellowstone 2-8-8-4 and the Two Harbors Depot hiding in its shadow. This dock is for transferring ore directly from trains to boats, with 4 off-loading tracks on its deck.

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