Monday, July 2, 2012

Little Updates

Things have been a little busy lately, so I haven't been hitting any big projects, but I have been catching up on little ones. I finally finished adding the sill striping to ILSX 1384. That finishes this one, for now.
I've also been continuing on my rolling stock upgrades. About 2/3 of my fleet has been converted to metal wheels. Graffiti has become more prolific on the line (I am a modern modeller), I've been adding more crossover platforms and the weathering continues. I'm trying to get between four and six cars done at a time.
I've been trying graffiti by different suppliers and haven't found one that's all around great. I've tried Micro-Scale, Blair Line and even some random ones off eBay. If anyone has some they'd like me to try, let me know, I'm game.
As for upcoming projects you'll be seeing:
1) I'm nearing completion on my SCXY Jordan Spreader.
2) I have started a scenic domino for the Skally Line, Rock Creek will debut soon.
3) Work has started on a Clinchfield "Tie Car" for Ken Borowski's Blue Ridge Subdivision.
4) I'm hoping to start work on a very special SD9 this month.

 And I think that is enough teasers for now.

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