Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tiller Part V

Sand is moving! Even though I don't have the building built, the industry is up and running. As part of a FreemoN weekend I got to test run the new portion of the line. Here is the overview shot: A trio of ILSX SD9s had just finished dropping of a cut of 2 bay sand hoppers.
Here you can see 17 2 bay hoppers on the loadout tracks. The third track will hold the loads headed out. The long lead into the industry allows decent cuts of cars to be swtiched around without fouling the main line. You can also see the UP5 panel and a keyed DPDT switch for operating the turnouts. I love this method and will be converting Rush City to match.
Zinpro also received the first loads of HCl. I will be building more of these tank cars to keep the business well stocked.
The track all performed very well, the turnouts were flawless (I will power the frogs soon for even better handling). All in all it feels very good to have made it this far. Now that I know it runs well, I will start on painting the track in preparation for ground cover and ballasting.

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