Sunday, June 30, 2013

FreemoN Fun

I have been building the Skally as a set of FreemoN modules. For those not familiar you can see a little more about the Minnesota version of the standard here: MN FreemoN. This weekend our group was able to get together for a private event. We put together a very impressive 24' x 44' layout. I would ballpark our mainline was over 6 scale miles long. The layout was our first as a club in 6 months, we had a few bugs to work out, but after that the running was underway. Here are a couple shots from the event:
One endpoint was PK's massive Roseville Yard. Besides being great for staging, it also has a nice flyover for continuous running when necessary. Our second yard, CK's Valleyview Yard, can be seen in the upper right corner of the shot just past Tiller Corp. It took quite a while to drive the transfer job straight from one yard to the other.
On the far end was the other reverse loop, JB's Coal Loop, with a radius loadout track for unit coal trains..
In this shot you can see both of the wyes utilized in the layout. University wye in the center of the shot turned south to MN Transload and Rush City.
Here is another shot of the impressive Roseville Yard. It has 10 yard tracks and two long runners for turning even the longest unit trains. Our longest train this weekend was over a scale mile long.
Here is a scenic shot of the UP transfer heading though PK's Yolo module.


  1. That is one *awesome* group layout. What a neat idea to have everyone working on a part. How do you coordinate getting the tracks to line up?

  2. While the length and middle of the modules can be any dimension, we have a standardized end size. Most of the ends are 18" wide with the main line in the middle. The top of the rails all have to be 50" off the floor. We have standardized wiring too.