Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rush City Redo: Structure Update

I wanted to update everyone on the Rush City Structures. While progress has been slow for a while there are updates to be made.
The Jasper Masonic Lodge got a roof! I used RS Laser Kits shingles. they are a little stiff, but they look good installed. For the white rubber roof I used a thicker plastic grocery bag and affixed it using 2 sided tape. This turned out pretty nice.I started on the foundation, building up styrene, so I could add the front stoop. I still need to build the roof over it, but it was progress, nonetheless.
I also started the Federated Co-op buildings in Rush City. While the real spur sees little use except for car storage, I figured I could use it for fertilizer deliveries until I get around to building Peterson's Country Mill in North Branch.
That's all for now, hopefully I will make more good progress over the summer!

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