Friday, July 12, 2013

Epic Adventure Pt. 4: Crookston

As the dawn cracked on day 2 of the Epic adventure I was frustrated. My camera was acting up and the overcast skies looked liked they might start raining at any moment. My frustration would turn to overwhelming bliss by the end of the day. This was to be possibly by greatest day of railfanning ever.  HK and I grabbed a quick bite at McDonalds, because the hotel coffee wasn't going to cut it. We wandered towards the elevator on the south end of town. It was still early, with no action yet, so we got a chance to photograph this great ex-CP GP9, now lettered ILSX 1334.
Next we stopped by the Minnesota Norther Crookston shops. The crew were just beginning to arrive for the day. Once the boss signed off on us taking pics, we grabbed our shots (I hope the crews enjoyed the cupcakes I left). Inside the shops a couple of beauties were hiding. ILSX GP7 #1381 was hiding on one end.
MNN GP9 #1383 in matching paint was on the other end. You'll notice the numbering of ILSX, MNN and SCXY all fit in the same sequence.
Outside ILSX SW1500 #928 was waiting outside the doors. She would be switching the yard in a few minutes.
Two of my favorite engines were warming up, getting ready for a run to Erskine on this fine day. Ex-CN, Ex-KCS SD40-3 ILSX #1340 (now without snow shields) and ex-GTW GP9r MNN #1356 were ilding away. 1356 has a more unusual Spartan cab, this was done by the Canadian National shops.
An oldie but a goodie. This SW1, ILSX #79 was built for the Frisco, but went to BN next. Now it hides behind the shops waiting to hopefully serve a grain elevator or two before too many more years pass.
Here were were a mere hour into day number two and we were off to such an awesome start. Who knew how good the day was going to get?

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