Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Something to be thankful for...

I was out this morning shooting just North of Rush City and I heard the telltale signs of Geeps in the distance. I tracked the sound to SCXY GP8 #1352 and ILSX GP10 #1345. The duo were hard at work running a cut of Durum Wheat cars towards the Horizon Mill. I chased the duo down for some shots.
I honestly don't remember when I started this build. I know it became a mental block for me because I wanted the engine to be "just right". The Skally Geeps are the centerpoint of the Skally Line after all. Last week my friend HK offered up some motivational help in the way of a build day. We sit down, shoot the breeze and get stuff done on our engines. Knowing the build day was coming, I spent a few hours finalizing details and reshooting paint (my first try at the yellow wasn't bright enough). I used a JnJ Horst air filter, I built my own spark arrestors, BLMA wipers, cut levers, grab irons, lift rings, mu cables, a MbE airhorn, a Sandro Sincair antenna, the plows and bell are Atlas. The plow grabs are bent .010" wire. The decals are custom.

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