Friday, November 23, 2012

Skally Hoppers

While not as flashy as the SCXY 50001, more SCXY hoppers are making their way onto the line. I've started recreating some of the Ex-SOO hoppers in service right now. I started with SCXY 50662. I used a MTL SOO Hopper, added ACI plates, patched it, weathered it with a light grey wash and a roof brown wash on the underside and walkways. I hit the sides with a light dusting of Tamiya chalks before sealing with Dullcoat. I painted some FVM metal wheels roof brown in my Minuteman Jig, installed and checked them for proper width. Check it out...
I did omit the graffiti for now. I may put a more PG version of the sill graffiti on at some point

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