Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cool Tool

I haven't too often commented on a particular tool or whatnot that I really liked but this one I thought was worth it. Recently I purchased an N Scale 33" Wheel Weathering Jig made by Minuteman Scale Models. It came and I just had to tighten a couple of screws and it was good to go. I did use a couple of rubber bands just to make sure the wheels were held in place snugly (anyone who has ever chased an N Scale wheelset across the floor will understand this precaution). I loaded the jig full of axles an sprayed away with the PollyScale Roof Brown.
I like to photograph my trains from a low angle. The wheels are often visible. I used to use a micro brush and paint each wheel face individually. I like this jig because it allows me to paint the backs of the wheels and the axles as well. I think this will help the overall image I am going for with my models and my photography. The jig was an inexpensive tool that I think will be a huge time saver in the long run. I hope to post more weathered rolling stock photos soon...

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