Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rush City Redo: W 1st St.

My Rush City modules have finally made it home after travel to a few train shows around the Midwest. I figured this homecoming was a good reason to start working on finishing the scenes.

W 1st St. in Rush City ran through once upon a time, but not these days. I figured adding this element would break up one end of the modules without having to go through all the work of building a grade crossing.

I started with the grade built up a little with some thin cork sheeting.
 Next I sprayed up some styrene sheeting. I start with black and then weather it with some grey.
 I add shoulders made from WS brown ballast, a Blair Lines "Road Closed" sign and the start of the shrubs.
I added trees to frame the scene. I will continue the tree line both directions later. A quick 20 trees was enough for today. Next time I have the modules out in the garage I will shoot them with another coat of grey. This makes the blacktop look older and blends the shoulder gravel in.

A fortunate railfan catches ILSX 1344 running south into town...

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