Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rush City Redo, again?

After running the current version of Rush City a few times in large shows, so I can really see how the traffic flows work, I have come to the conclusion that it is close, but just not right. Later this summer I will start another module building spree. I will be taking the current Rush City modules and cleaning them off. They will become some new scenes to compliment the Skally Line. A new Rush City will be build, using the offset module style I used for Tiller. This will allow me to get a more accurate track plan, having all of the trackage at the Horizon Mill. I will temporarily lose the Federated Co-op siding, but it will be back eventually. Here are some of the new modules I have planned:
Rush City will be 12'-6" long (my standard for 2 modules). The Rock Creek underpass will sit North of Rush City, extending the yard track out and giving a little scenic relief (yes I know I am omitting Harris, MN. I can live with that). I will be adding another module north of that, probably showing the rather bland area around Beroun, MN. Then the tracks will then pass under Hwy 61 at the end of the extended Hinckley siding.
I will also be adding some corners, I may wait a little bit and see what I have for trackage rights by the end of the summer. I may be able to go a bit bigger by them.

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