Tuesday, February 4, 2014

200th Post: Unfinished Projects!

February will be a slow month for the blog. Work has me covering a lot of ground during the shortest of months. I did want to show some progress shots on a couple "non-traditional" projects I'm working on.
The CF7 is for a friend in the MN FreemoN group. It will be an early TCWR unit. The resin parts were made by Randgust. I am modifying them heavily to match the TCWR unit. I used an Atlas GP7 long hood, the number boards are from a GP38, and the detail parts are from the normal sources. It has a ways to go yet. I'll update as I get it done.
The other long term project I've resurrected is CN Track Inspection Budd Car #1501. I filled the windows a while ago, but I finally finished adding the MbE lights and the Sandro Sinclair antennas. I made my own cut levers for this one. This one also has a long way yet to go. I need to build the pilot plates, add GPS domes, wiper boxes and more. A big boost to this project was the fact I have the decals in my possession now. Let the progress commence!


  1. Thanks Steve, hopefully I can get it done within the next month or so!