Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday at the Bluff

I finally had a little sunshine on a day off, so of course I ran down to Daytons Bluff. Any day at Pigs Eye is a good day. I followed a BNSF Oil Can down the hill. I got set up in time for the DPU, it was BNSF C44-9W #4955.
Waiting to come into the Pigs Eye was CP SD30C-ECO #5005 with DME SD40-3. The look of the new ECOs is growing on me.
I've noticed DME 6095 has some interesting modifications. The blower intakes are patched over and there are some extra louvers at the rear of the long hood. I like it, a lot.
 The BN-UP Transfer came down the hill with some good looking power on it. BNSF SD40-2s #1832 and #1922. These two are still flashing the Cascade Green.
 CP ES44AC #8863 was getting a little tune-up at the shops.
And a special surprise hidden on the BNSF side of Pigs Eye, BNSF GP35u #2639 was working the auto unloading facility. There were 6 tracks full of autoracks in the yard, it looked like it was going to take a little time to sort it all out!


  1. Great shots - very crisp. I'll have to drop by this area when I'm next in the MN-SP area! Are the shops accessible at all? They look quite impressive from the Google Map view.

  2. Thanks Steve! You can get right next to the shops for photography. If you are looking at the Google Map, Pigs Eye Lake Rd is a public road and you can photograph from there. Shop Road is private and off limits. There are a few places to park so you can get out and walk around. Let me know when you are in the area and I will point some of the spots out for you and show you where to get a great burger too!