Monday, February 25, 2013

The Grass Was Always Greener

Well, maybe not the grass, but in 1992, when the BN ran the Hinckly Sub and the Amber Sub-Division the engines certainly were greener. Looking back at some retro photos I realized there were some pretty good lash-ups through Hinckley back in the bay. One set that seemed to get assigned to the coal pool was a nice trio of SD40-2s in different paint schemes, all green... This day BN 7151 was on the point, showing off that awesome white face scheme!
 BN SD40-2 7821 followed second in the classic BN scheme.
Once all three units were in view we could see the third unit was one of the 2 LNG units BN tried out on it's coal drags. The experiment was over by this time and the fuel tenders were gathering dust.
On another trip BN 7890 made it's way out front.
I remember the day, it was over 90 degrees out, I can see the engineer had the rear door open to get a little airflow in the cab. This was well before AC was standard from the factory.
As they roll away I see the classic line of the BN 7821 again. I can still almost hear them rolling by, all pushing a quick notch 6 through the swamps.
The BN 7821 and BN 7151 are a couple samples from my friend HK's collection of finely detailed and painted BN and DMIR engines. The 7890 has headed from the Skally shops to join its brethren in HK's fleet.

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