Monday, March 25, 2013

Tiller Sand Plan

Having been a little busy with work lately I decided to get refocused on building some more layout. I belong the the David Barrow "Domino" train of thought and the new section will be no different. Like Rush City, Tiller/Zinpro will be a two module set, 12'-6" in length. Tiller however will have a 6" offset in the benchwork to allow more room for the trackwork and the massive sand processing towers.

I tried to get the plan as close to prototype as space would allow. Tiller Sand has a three track load out and Zinpro has a single track for receiving Acid tank cars. I will be using 2 bay covered hoppers at Tiller as that will give the illusion of more cars and it will differentiate the hoppers for that facility from the Thralls and Trinity's I use everywhere else.
 I think the structures themselves will make for a fun scratchbuild.

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