Friday, February 15, 2013

A Little More Structure

As the winter wears on I find it difficult to make a lot of progress. The projects are stacking up fast. I am working on getting Rush City more complete for the WGH show late in March. I have made progress on the Jasper Masonic Lodge. I got some N Scale glass block windows from Depots by John. I have to say I am very impressed. Most of the windows in the Lodge are frosted glass block, I replicated this my hitting them with some Testors Dullcote. The large fromt windows will not recieve this treatment as they are clear glass block. Soon I will be working on the foundation, fire escape and the roof.
As I was getting close to a roof for the Jasper Lodge, I figured I only wanted to do one shingle order, so I had better figure out all the shingles I would need for my next two buildings as well. In an evening I made cardboard mock ups of the Federated Co-op in Rush City. While the siding that serves it is more for SCXY storage, I figured it make come back to life as a rail served fertilizer dealer. I did compress them slightly as I don't need the buildings overpowering the scene. Construction has started on both buildings. Here is the South building:
 Here is the North building for the Federated Co-op:
Here's a shot I took of the real place. Not to complicated, but it will take me some time...

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