Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pigs Eye Code Blue

I had an half an hour to spend around Pigs Eye Monday, and it was possibly the finest half-hour I've ever had railfanning. It started with a chase down the hill. There were 2 NS SD70ACes on the point of an EB Manifest:
I looked south to the yard and I could see a WB CSX fertilizer train getting ready to roll out with a triple header of CSX power.
As those two clear I see a BNSF manifest and an Earthworm holding to head East. As I admire them a BNSF Ore MT rolled up. That covered my Dash-9 fix as well as ES44DCs and SD70MACs.
The UP made there standard appearance, putting together a manifest to send down to Shakopee.
I headed over to the shops and looky-looky! More of the new CP GP30C ECOs!
And the pair of out of town guests that have eluded me all year! The Indiana Railroad SD9043MACs!
As I was getting ready to leave, I caught a CP transfer at the bluff with some great looking DME power on the point!
Shortly there-after the TCWR rolled through.
Not too shabby, eh? And people wonder why Minnesotans would put up with Sub-Zero temps half the year. The railfanning makes it worth it!

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