Saturday, September 8, 2012

ILSX 202

When I heard the NREX SD9 is Hills, MN might be up for sale I figured it would go well with the rest of the Skally fleet. This ex-CB&Q unit is a good workhorse and would be a nice compliment to the other SD9s on our roster. We numbered it 202 to fill the roster gap left when we renumbered the 1344. It is running solo on the Skally right now, but it looks like all 4 SD9s may end up together pulling some unit sand trains from Tiller Corp. in North Branch next month. It will be a fun day of railfanning when it happens!
This engine started out as an Atlas Conrail SD9. I used an Atlas GP38 cab and a Kato SD40-2 short hood. It has BLMA cut levers, ditch lights, wipers, air hoses, mu cables, class light covers, grab irons, MLE all-weather windows, a Sunrise strobe, a MbE antenna and air horn, Trainworx lift rings, an Atlas MU cable and an Atlas sand hatch on the front. The rear sand hatch is the base off a JnJ blat air horn. The battery boxes had to be chopped off both fronts, so the front handrails are soldered wire and GMM stanchions. The paints are Floquil BNSF Heritage Green, GN Orange and reefer white on the handrails. The couplers are Micro Trains 905 Z scale couplers. The decals are a mix of Micro Scale sets.