Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BLMA Reefer

Somehow a reefer bound for Newport Cold Storage off the CP line in Newport, MN ended up on the BNSF Hinckley Local. The Skally crews noticed the oddball and ran it south as an "express extra" with the ILSX 202.
While this car is oddly out of place on the Skally it is an amazingly nice car. Craig over at BLMA nailed it on this one. The lettered trucks, metal wheels and body mounted couplers are awesome. The separately applied details are really beyond what I am used to in N Scale.
If you need modern reefers, don't hesitate to pick some of these up. They are worth every penny of the asking price. The only complaint I have is that darn UP logo on the side....
Another shot of the ILSX SD9 #202... just because I can.

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