Sunday, May 6, 2012

SOU 2597

The Skally shops have finished another custom job. SOU GP30 has finished its restoration and after it finishes it's final inspection by the CEO of the CRR Blue Ridge Division it will be shipped to that line to be ushered into service.
This Southern GP30 was an Atlas GP30 that received extensive work. The short hood was raised, BLMA fans were installed. The raised roof over the cab was cut back to match the prototype. It also recieved custom cab shades as well as a high hood bell, firecracker antenna, airhorns, lift rings, grab irons, mu hoses, air hoses, mirrors, wipers, walkway lights, an Atlas sand hatch on one end and a custom sand hatch (in front of the conductors cab window). Did I miss anything? I also used a pair of MT 905 Z Scale Couplers for the photo shoot.
This engine is off to work the Southern Interchange in Marion, NC on Ken Borowski's Blue Ridge Division Clinchfield Layout. This layout is fantastic and deserves a look if you haven't check his site out before.

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