Saturday, May 26, 2012


Another "restoration" project has been finished up by the Skally Shops. Milwaukee Road SD45 #7 has been completed. This engine is pretty unique in that the dynamic brake fans had been removed by the MILW shops, but the dynamic grills were left in place.

This engine started out as a new Kato unit (another DRGW unit bites the dust).  I removed the dynamic fans, added a T-Vent, added grab irons, lift rings, a MILW side bell, cut levers, wipers, a firecracker antenna, rear mu hoses (I used the Kato molded on on the front) and a non-working strobe light. I also removed the front drop step. I upgraded the couplers to MT-1015's. The paint is MILW Orange and Engine Black. The mu hoses and class lights are dressed up with a little silver. The handrails at the ladders are white. The decals are Micro-Scale and the weathering is chalks.


  1. Very nice work!, just need to remove the rear drop step and replace the chains above the drop steps with solid wire and it will be spot-on!
    Rick h

  2. Good eye!
    I've replaced the chain with wire on other units, but because I'm selling it I worry about it holding up in transport, so I left the chains in place. Thanks for the comment!