Saturday, December 31, 2011

ILSX 1384

It seems Dec 31st is a good rail fanning day on the Skally. Another new arrival is pulling loads across the line today. ILSX SD9 1384 had been mated to ILSX SD9 1374. Hopefully we see another SD9 on the line withing the month to fill out our horsepower needs.ILSX 1384 is an Atlas SD9 I chopped the nose on, adding an SD26 cab. Up top it got a Miniatures by Eric Winter Hatch. I decided to try some new parts on this engine. I used Trainworx Lift Rings (they have the proper SD9 side lift rings), wipers, mirror, cut levers and MU hoses. I used a few BLMA grab irons to match the prototype. The All Weather Window is a Gold Medal Model piece. The paint was Mineral Red with PRR Buff for the yellow. The decals were from Solidesign and I installed a Digitrax DN163A0 decoder. I still need to add the safety striping on the frame sills, but I'm marking this one up as done (for now).

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