Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Dynamic Duo

The UP was utilizing its trackage rights over the Skally to run an southbound manifest to Hoffman Yard in St.Paul. What made this one interesting was the power lash-up. The UP had some NS power on the point. A pair of high hood SD40-2s were running long hood forward down the line.NS 3210 is an ex-SOU unit. I built this using a Mark 4 Design hood, MbE Sinclair antennas and bell, BLMA horns, lift rings, cut levers, mu hoses and grab irons. You'll notice the bell is on the long hood as this was forward on this unit. This SD40-2 has the earlier NS logos on the long hood.NS 1634 is an ex NW unit. This unit has already been updated into the newer "Horsehead" NS logo. This unit also uses a M4D short hood (he uses a 3D printer and prints the bell right with the nose). BLMA air horns, cut levers, mu hoses, lift rings, grab irons, cab shades and a MbE Sinclair round out the details on this unit.These units will be heading off to auction soon and hopefully be off to a good home right after new years. With these two done, I have 8 engines left to finish in my personal challenge!

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