Monday, July 4, 2011

Switching out M&D Jct.

On an otherwise quiet July 4th in White Bear Lake I heard the faint rumble of and SD40-2 in notch 1. I waited around a few minutes and ILSX 1344 (you may remember this unit at ISLX 202) came rolling through M&D Jct. with just 2 loads to switch out.
1344 used the East leg of the wye to run around and get facing north to make all the switches training point. As it does it passes the front entrance of one customer: Universal Forest Products. It looks like they will have one load in and 1 empty out today.I ran to the North end of the wye to get a view back south as the train rolled around. The crew has already dropped the lumber load at Universal and is getting ready to spot a boxcar at St.Croix Valley Hardwoods.It doesn't take long and they have the empty car out, the load spotted and they are headed North, back to the Rush City Yard.A special thanks to my friend HK for helping me plant 50 trees on Friday. I hope to get the backdrop in place this week and maybe get some more trees planted. Maybe I will also get the awnings added to St.Croix Valley Hardwood to keep the loading dock guys from complaining about all the rain we've been getting.

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