Sunday, July 3, 2011

CP 8270

Layout updates are coming, I promise...
but I've been doing more work in the chop nose section of the world. I've started resin casting chop nosed GP9 shells for various projects (GP8s, 9, and 10s). Here is a unit I just finished up. CP 8270 started life as a high nose Soo Line GP9. After being involved in a wreck, the Soo Line shops converted it to a GP20 style short nose. The CP has kept many of these Soo Line conversions on the roster across the US and Canada.I used BLMA grab irons, cut levers, lift rings, mu hoses, a J&J winter hatch, a Gold Medal cab shade and all-weather window. The Sinclair is a Sandro 24" piece. The paint was Badger CP Action Red and the decals were Micro scale. The engine is a new Atlas unit that I installed a Digitrax decoder into. The front light had to be removed to fit inside the cab. The nose on this unit was actually off a Life Like GP-20 (why reinvent the wheel when you have the parts just sitting there?). I finished it off with some MT-1015 couplers. The weathering was done with Tamiya chalks.


  1. Where could I find a few of the cabs? Are you selling them?

  2. The cab was an Atlas SD26 cab, some are still available on eBay. The nose was Life Like, but you could use an SD26 nose too.