Thursday, July 2, 2015

Silicon Valley FreemoN at NSE

I had the great pleasure at NSE of hanging out with and running trains with the Silicon Valley FreemoN and Sacramento FreemoN groups. I had been planning on brining a couple of modules, but the space they were given at the show was pretty limited, so I will take the Skally Line to NorCal next time. A special thanks to Steve, Ryan, Rick, Spuds, Eric, Lawrence and the rest of the crew. A fantastic group all around.
 From Lockhart, Texas with it's cool operating crossing gates to Wye Knot, the layout looked great.
My eldest sister should get a kick out of the construction site by the CalTrans Station. Cool mirrored buildings!
 Passenger trains ruled the day, but there was a fair amount of freight traffic too.
The scenes varied from scenic to urban and they all flowed well together.
 I wish my photos did the layout justice.
Again: thanks to the FreemoN guys for the great hospitality. I'm looking forward to meeting with them all next time. Check them out at or search for them on Facebook.


  1. Love it! Gallifrey Technologies!

    Their layout is quite cool. I especially like your lat picture - it captures the "area" they are modeling.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos Karl. SV FreemoN always has a great looking layout and often with more modules. All 4 of the layouts at the convention had to get a bit smaller due to space limitations.