Friday, July 10, 2015

MILW GP20s and GP40

I bet you didn't know the Milwaukee Road used to have trackage rights over the Skally Line. It is true! I can only image what it would have been like to watch MILW rebuilds slam the Hinckley diamond back in the day.
I just finished a few units for a friend and I thought I would post some pics on here for everyone to see. For the GP20's (MILW 981 and 957) I modified two Atlas GP9s by chopping the noses, adding etched grills and a whole slew of other details. The drop steps were removed and the solid handrails were built for the ends.
I have scratch built the Horst Air filters for other engines, but I chose to use some that I found on Shapeways. They aren't cheap, but they saved me some time. These GP20 took more than a little research as the great MILW had no consistency from engine to engine. I think that made these even more fun. I had fun creating the rusted fuel tank on MILW 957. It's these details that really appeal to me.
The GP40 (MILW 2058) was detailed out, getting the same handrail treatment as the GP20s and then it was weathered to look like it did in the Mid-80's. It was starting to rust and plenty faded by then. The shortened fuel tank was another MILW feature added to this unit.
I hope these serve my friend well!


  1. Great work! They look very nice.

  2. Karl, they look GORGEOUS! The weathering is top notch, the details including the grills and removing the drop step and ditching the chains are little things that make it mega awesome. If Harz doesn't appreciate them, we will have to slap him till his senses arrive!

  3. Super cool Karl. Nice work on these they look like they have just completed a few years of work when the rail-fan grabbed his camera and took the shot.
    Regards Rod.

  4. Karl, I remember the Milwaukee trains on the Skally. I even have some slides. This line also saw BN, CNW, and DW&P. The bonus was that most of the line had semaphores left over from the NP. All this and the diamond at Bald Eagle made this a facinating place.