Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Long Move Complete

Sorry I've been a little slow in getting posts up.

The Skally Line is in a moving truck somewhere between Minnesota and Nevada. I have some current projects and my camera with me, but most of my trains at the mercy of Mayflower right now.

My family and I completed the 1650 mile drive in just under 48 hours. The rail fanning was great, but I didn't stop for pictures. This was all about getting the miles down as quickly and safely as possible.

It will be another month and a half until we get into our permanent residence, for now we are renting a house in the same neighborhood. I'm looking forward to expanding the Skally in our new home. I am also thinking about joining up with the regional FreemoN club. They strictly model the southwest, so the Skally Line won't quite match up. I guess it might be a decent reason to build a couple of traveling modules, and then the Skally could stay together as my home layout.

We'll see how I feel when we get settled in.

1 comment:

  1. I did not know you were moving. A loss for Minnesota. Keep posting and working on the Skally. I see an article in N Scale in the future.