Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Day On The Skally Line

I want to thank the hard working crew of the Skally Line: Tavis, Bill, Justin and Dave. These guys are great people who also happen to be really good at running a railroad. They were good enough to let me tag along for a day and watch them work. The day was busy and long, but I got to see the Skally work from it's North end to the South end.
The day started on the south end of Hinckley where the NB train was waiting with outbound cars.
A quick interchange with the BNSF swapped cars heading out with ones heading to Rush City. The PRLX trio of GPs are still working the Hinckley Local.
 SCXY 1363 and 1352 were waiting in Rush and after switching out the yard, the twins were split up.
SCXY 1326 and ILSX 1345 would be doing the heavy pulling on the south end as well today.
SCXY 1363 ran ahead to facilitate the moves on the facing point switches.
What a great day, thanks again to my hosts! I owe you big time.

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