Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Project

While I'm on the road I thought I would share a pic of one of my current projects. I'm pretty excited about this one. I won't unveil what it is going to be quite yet (though a few of you will be able to figure it out). I'm modifying a Mid-Production Kato SD40-2. The big step was flaring the radiator fans. Once I get home next, I will detail the shell out. Once I get the appropriate cab, I will be into paint. I can't wait. There will be a specific freight car to go with this engine. I may even do the CN version after I finish this set...
I have the shell drilled out for the BLMA fans now, but I need to order enough parts for 10 or so engines right before I hit the Holiday blitz!


  1. Well it must be BN or BNSF 7890 flared radiator SD 40-2. I knew what it was but you gave it away with your Labels. I will look sweet Karl. J

  2. Good catch! I was wondering how close people read the labels! BN 7890 it is!